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Rainbow Blood

It was raining, when Shannon and Jimmy left the town. They were on a trip to the Ontario Lake for the weekend. Well, their friendship was really strange. She was one of the most intelligent pupils at school and she looked a little bit like a grey mouse. Jimmy instead was a tough guy and the school´s best rugby player. Usually such pupils aren´t friends.  But they knew each other since the days of kindergarten.


They sat in Jimmy´s car, both were seventeen, and drove along the highway. In the radio they played songs of the 80´s, Jimmy´s favorite music. Jimmy turned the radio louder, when, in his opinion, the “best song ever” came. Shannon smiled quietly, because Jimmy was drumming with his fingers on the steering wheel. The rain was falling all the time, but this didn´t destroy their great mood. Shannon leaned her head against the window and stared outside. The landscape flew past them very quickly. It was grey and you could see nothing more than outlines. “Do you think that the weather will change anytime?” Jimmy asked her. She nodded slowly. “Yes, I think. It won´t be so dark every time.  There are also still more than three hundred miles left, where the weather can change.” This was the last conversation for a long time. The needn´t to say much to understand the other.

They drove for three hours to the Ontario Lake. There they went into the small cottage both had rent for the weekend. They sat down in the two chairs in the garden and watched a sunset. Suddenly Shannon started to glow. Her eyes turned from green to golden, her skin shone brightly. She stood up and looked at herself. “Shannon!” Jimmy shouted and jumped a meter away from her. Then the ground divided and both fell for a long time. Small stones were falling up, in their opposite direction. They landed on hard rocks. All around them were beautiful flowers and colorful little butterflies. Iridescent birds were flying in high trees and next to Shannon and Jimmy flowed a cold and clear river. It was like paradise here. She was the key to a hidden country.


They walked a small path along the river. It was really amazing here. But out of the blue an arrow hit Jimmy in his shoulder. He dropped on the path and blood was flowing out of the wound.  There was a shadow in the forest, which was running away, when Shannon looked in his direction. At first she wanted to follow the shadow, but then she took Jimmy on her shoulders and looked for a village, where she could find help. He was very heavy because of his muscles, nevertheless she walked mile after mile until she found a group of still four houses and a little church, which were built of wood.  She knocked on the door of the biggest one. An old woman opened and screamed, when she saw Jimmy bleeding. “He needs help” Shannon wheezed and collapsed in front of the woman. She lugged them into her house and heaved Jimmy on her bed. Then she gave Shannon a cup of water and she woke up. “I can help him” the old woman promised “but I need a special medicine. It was a toxic arrow, which has hit him. I need Rainbow Blood! It´s far away from here, at the end of the rainbow.  An evil dragon watches it. You need a trick to get it. I´m sure you´ll deal it. Good luck!” And with a kick Shannon was outside the house and didn´t really know what she was doing here. Then she remembered the words of this old woman. What was Rainbow Blood? Where was the end of the rainbow? Which ploy should she take to trick the dragon? Questions, just questions. No answers. She walked slowly down the path and looked up into the sky. She noticed the colorful and tall rainbow above her and the she had an idea. The rainbow was always there, not how in her world where it comes and goes with the rain. So she followed it. The way led her through dark and dense jungle, but she could always see the rainbow in the sky.

At night she stumbled and fell over a small rock. It was very dark and she decided to stay here until the sun would come up. She found a hollow under some bushes where she slept for the night.

The sun came up in the east and awoke her. She stretched her and walked then further on way. Gradually she began to run. She ran faster and faster. On her way she met really strange creatures. There was a big red fish, which was walking next to her, when she passed a wooden bridge over a deep river.

Suddenly a mighty wall towered in front of her. The bricks were slippery and wet, but she had to find a way across, because on the left and on the right was no way to pass it. She looked for something she could use as a ladder. There came a big and heavy turtle. It was very slow, but when it crossed Shannon, she jumped on it and pulled herself up on the wall. The turtle looked up to her, shook the head and walked further. Shannon jumped on the other side of the wall down and ran. She followed the rainbow above her in the sky which was lighter than ever.


She has been running more than four hours when she finely got to a big gate of wood. She stemmed against it and opened it quietly. But the dragon the old woman told her was waiting for her, when he saw how light came in. She heard him whisper and faltered. “What do you want” the dragon asked with a dark and sonorous voice. She harrumphed and said: “Well, I want the Rainbow Blood.” The dragon didn´t give answer, suddenly he was above her and spat fire. She could rescue herself with a jump behind a column. “You´ll never get Rainbow Blood!” he shouted. But she saw the pot, which was shining in all colors of the rainbow. She ran to it and scooped the liquid with a small bottle. The dragon turned around, flew to her and spat fire again. But she ran away, through the door and into the darkness.


The old woman waited for Shannon, but she never came. Jimmy died after two days and she buried him in the graveyard of the village. No one has seen Shannon again.

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